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Trees for Health is an organisation based in South Devon, aiming to help foster healthy communities and healthy ecosystems by revitalising our use and knowledge of woodland.

Our aims include:

Humans have historically depended on plants for food, medicine, shelter and materials. Plants have also played a significant role in our mythologies, beliefs and religions so that our history is interwoven with their history. Trees in particular have been integral to our culture yet today we place far less importance on our connection with them.

How can trees and other woodland, hedgerow and ‘wild’ plants become important in a way that is relevant for our lives today?


Woodland is not only crucial for our health but can also be a focus for education, livelihood and recreation, thereby bringing local communities together. Ecologically trees are invaluable for our future and the future of the Earth. At one time Britain was a forested landscape but now fragmented woodland accounts for less than 12% of land area. Trees provide wildlife habitat, beautiful landscapes, improve air quality, prevent flooding and soil erosion and reduce the impact of climate change.

Discover Forest Foods

Trees for Health's main project is 'Discover Forest Foods'. Using agroforestry methods we are growing trees, shrubs, perennial plants and vegetables to provide food for the local area. Check out our activities page to get involved with an event.

Wild Food Jams & Syrups for sale from Discover Forest Foods - email to reserve as some are low in stock & arrange delivery/pick up in South Hams

Guelder Rose Jam - delicious tangy taste - details here soon..

Donate to our main project, Discover Forest Foods. Either a one-off or direct debit can help alot. Click on the icon to hear more about this including what your donations could support! Thankyou.


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